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Combining art and technology to develop new artistic media and reflect on our evermore digital society.

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What's new(s)?

24 - 05 - 2024

Workshop with Vito Willems

On the 24th of May we, the Platform Project of Emergence 2, welcomed Vito Willems to give a workshop called 'Syndicate of Sound and Space introduces Holos’. It was a special day where we experimented, tinkered, thought, listened and discussed a lot. Overall a very inspirational experience, also meaningful for shaping our own project direction. The program consisted of three different parts that we will further discuss in this article, click here to read more.

16 - 05 - 2024


Last week, we organized our first Symposium, with the theme ‘Art participating in Tech, now is the time to reflect’. We welcomed three amazing speakers during the event: Jeroen Loeffen, Zeynep Birsel and Angela Hanna. After their interesting talks, a panel discussion was held, accompanied by the speakers and professor Peter van der Putten.

The Symposium took place at the TU Delft.

Want to know more? Click here

14 - 05 - 2024


We are busy in the development phase of our projects. The biggest goal of our projects is to expose these complex technologies; not only among people who already know about them, but especially among people who don't. Help us exhibit our art installations to the 350,000 people who visit Dutch Design Week.

Help us make people think about what technologies they use today and what would happen if this were to change or disappear! Donate here.

06 - 05 - 2024

Save the date end event

The 27th of June, we will host our end event. Join us for this day to see what the team of Emergence 2 has worked on the past six months. Block this date in your agenda and see for yourself where Art meets Technology. Tickets are available soon.

11 - 04 - 2024

STRP Festival Eindhoven

From the 11th till the 13th of April, the Platform Project of Emergence 1 enclosed () was exhibited at the STRP Festival 2024 in Eindhoven!
STRP Festival is organized yearly in spring and creates a place for the intersection of art, technology and the societal environment for the general public.
enclosed () is an art installation that delves into the world and experiences of patients with locked-in syndrome. It explores the relation between EEG technology and displaying emotions related to locked-in syndrome like connection, isolation and communication.

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