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16 - 05 - 2024

Last week, we organized our first Symposium, with the theme ‘Art participating in Tech, now is the time to reflect’, hosted by Manou Blijboom. We welcomed three amazing speakers during the event.

Jeroen Loeffen has been in the Art X Tech field for many years and talked about the foundation story of Coloci. Angela Hanna presented her perspective as a student on the evermore digital society of today and a possible approach to keep up with this. Zeynep Birsel has been researching art-science-tech collaborations and showed some beautiful projects as a result of the interdisciplinary work at Waag.

After these interesting talks, Nora Overhuijs moderated a panel discussion accompanied by the speakers and professor Peter van der Putten.

A special thanks to our partners Trafo, Beet Great, Food2Smile, Stud Studentenuitzendbureau Delft B.V. and Pulse TU Delft for the beautiful location.

Photo credits to Joep Pieter Dols

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