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Join Emergence

We are looking for Emergence 2!

Currently, we're recruiting for the next Emergence Team. Find more info on this page!

Deadline of application → December 11th

When applying, you hand in:

  • Your resume

  • Your motivation letter

  • Your 'blackboxing' assignment

  • Optionally a portfolio

What will the team look like?


What will the projects be about?

New Media Project


We'll be recruiting for the research phase of our New Media Project which will last from coming February till August. 


The goal of the research phase is to create an artistic instrument that makes Quantum technology more approachable. We'll be working closely together with two PhD students from QuTech (Laurens Feije and Gerben Timmer)

Research questions could be:

  • How do we make the nano scale, human scale?

  • How do we make quantum phenomena experiential?

In the development phase, which will last from September till February '25, this instrument will be used to create an artistic experience that makes the audience reflect on our digital society.

Check Qutech :

Platform Project



Resource: 4DSOUNDS

Our second project is the Platform Project. This Project will last from coming February till August.

The goal of the Platform Project is to inspire and connect different disciplines through external collaboration with 4DSOUND. We aim to create a space for tinkering and experimentation, published in a public knowledge bank.

In our new Platform project, we are delving into the world of Spatial Sound in collaboration with 4DSOUND. We’re creating an experience in which we’ll open up the blackbox of algorithms like machine learning, encryption, mathematical transformation.

4DSOUND specializes in creating spatial sound technologies and immersive experiences, including 4D sound systems that project Sound Holograms—three-dimensional audio experiences with controlled dimensions, positions, movements, resolutions, and interactions within space.
Spatial sound replicates the way we perceive sound in the real world, allowing us to hear audio from different directions, distances, and even heights. This immersive audio technique enhances the sense of depth and realism, creating the illusion that sounds originate from specific locations in the space around you, rather than just from speakers.

Check 4DSOUND:


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