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Quantum Art
New Media Project 2

Our team from TU Delft and KABK, in collaboration with QuTech, Laurens Feije, and Gerben Timmer, is crafting a revolutionary artistic medium. Seamlessly blending advanced technology and profound messaging, our creation promises to demystify quantum concepts for all.

Where science meets art, and together, let’s unveil the wonders behind the quantum curtain. 

The New Media Project 2 Research team is developing a groundbreaking artistic medium, rooted in the depths of quantum tech theory and ethics. This medium will not only push the boundaries of artistic expression but also serve as a conduit for science communication.
Through conceptualisation and execution, the team aims to create a platform that not only educates but also inspires a broad public, bridging the gap between art and science.
By unblackboxing quantum phenomena, the medium will provide users with a more intuitive grasp of Quantum Mechanics,
fostering curiosity and exploration, leaving a lasting impact on both the art world and the realm of quantum physics.
The project revolves around creating a physical hologram rooted in quantum principles, designed to be scalable and versatile. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, the team merges art and technology perspectives to inspire and innovate throughout the research, ideation, fabrication, and testing phases. Central to the initiative is the development of a Quantum NAM (New Artistic Medium) for future artists, physicists, engineers and researchers  to program and shape narratives. This medium aims to explore the intriguing question: "What happens when no one is watching?" across various contexts.
The project's essence lies in conveying
narratives about Quantum Information Technology and it also serves as a platform for broader artistic expression.
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