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New Media
Emergence I

Working towards exhibiting at Highlight Delft
15-17 february 2024


During the first phase, the New Media team developed a first prototype for an infrared projector. The team approached this as constructing an overhead projector, but incorporated an infrared LED coupled with a LCD screen.

Additionally, the team brainstormed
narratives to be told through the IR projector. Finishing the first phase with four main ideas, which practically manifests itself in projecting human shape & projecting data.


Digital entity

fading borders of virtual & tangible space

Projecting human shapes can be harnessed to tell a narrative – that of the merging of the virtual and tangible realms. Instead of transferring our physical selves into the digital world, we could introduce digital entities in human form into the tangible world. These digital entities might manifest as bots, spontaneously materializing in physical spaces, as they are normally doing online. As the infrared cannot be directly seen - only through digital screens showing infra-red sensitive camera footage - but the projections are physically there, the idea of fading borders between digital and “real” will even be more enhanced.

Holographic surveillance

a new way of activism

Projecting human shapes as activism can be applied particularly in areas where infrared cameras play a significant role. One such application is surveillance cameras in urban settings, which remain effective in darkness. This technology is utilized by law enforcement agencies in many countries, including the Netherlands. By projecting infrared imagery, a silent protest against the growing surveillance state can be articulated. Globally, we witness increasing control by higher authorities over citizens, exemplified by systems like social credit scores.







What is an algorithm?

art as science communication tool

Infrared projections can be used to project data, thereby simply explaining what an algorithm is and does.  Showcasing this has the ability to serve as a  straightforward example of unveiling a black box. A black box is a device, system, or object which produces useful information without revealing any information about its internal workings. We aim to demonstrate how artistic media can function as a tool for science communication. Many individuals are unaware of the existence of black boxes and how to engage with them, with algorithms as a prime example.

showcasing social spheres

Power of the echo-chamber

Algorithms mirror the society in which they operate. Big-tech companies are gaining more power through their algorithms. This is because they retain the power to push individuals more into their own social sphere by constantly showing them things that fall within their own interests. This creates the so-called "echo-chamber"; a social environment in which individuals or groups are exposed only to information that reinforce and amplify their existing beliefs. With a twist of a knob, big-tech companies could offer more expansive content. How well aware are we of being pushed into our echo chamber by everyday use of algorithms?

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