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Platform Project | Fabrication Hardware

Job Type

How many spots?

Full- or part-time

One spot

About the Role

Your main responsibility is to bring the team's concepts to life by creating physical iterations of the artwork. This involves taking the lead in the selection and sourcing of materials, use of fabrication tools and software, the testing and refining of prototypes, and collaborating with other team members to integrate the prototypes into the final artwork.

Please recognize that this job description is just you responsibility within your role in the Platform Project. our interdisciplinary approach opens up a lot additional opportunities for you to contribute beyond what is mentioned in this job description

What does this role entail?

  • Participate in a culture of active tinkering to ensure ongoing creative experimentation.

  • Collaborate on experiments involving the entire fabrication team and ensuring effective communication with the concept team.

  • Documenting all conducted experiments to create a comprehensive record of insights and findings to be put in the public knowledge Bank

Preferred skills 

  • Experience in designing and manufacturing hardware/mechanical components.

  • Experience in testing hardware for functionality and reliability.

  • Comfortable with setting up and managing a general workspace for fabrication.

  • Hands-on tinkering experience contributing to a practical understanding of fabrication.

  • Ability to assess the feasibility and manufacturability of hardware designs.

  • Ensuring overall safety in both the fabrication process and output.

  • Proficient problem-solving skills specific to hardware fabrication processes.

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