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Platform Project | External Relations

Job Type

How many spots?

Full- or part-time | Half a year

One spot

About the Role

As the Platform team member responsible for external relations, your primary role is to establish, oversee, and nurture the relationship between the Emergence Platform Project and its head partner. You will closely collaborate with the partnerships operations team and the platform manager.

Please recognize that this job description is just your responsibility within your role in the Platform Project. As a platform member, our interdisciplinary approach opens up a lot additional opportunities for you to contribute beyond what is mentioned in this job description

What does this role entail?

  • Partner Engagement: Initiate and maintain contact with the Topic Partner, both substantively and materially thereby overseeing and enhance the relationship. 

  • Platform Integration: Integrate external relations efforts into the broader goals and functions of the Emergence Platform.

  • Representation: Represent the Emergence Platform Project in external communications and engagements with the head partner.

  • Collaboration and Communication: Work collaboratively with team members.

Preferred skills 

  • Proactive and Approachable attitude 

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • The ability to network and cultivate relationships

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to build relationships with external organizations and expert Jorrit Paaijmans.

  • Ability to identify and prioritize partnerships aligned with Emergence's goals.

  • Networking skills to expand professional connections.

  • Ability to identify the necessary resources within the project and find suitable possible partners to meet these needs.

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