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Platform Project | Documentation

Job Type

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About the Role

As the Platform Documentation team member, you will be responsible for ensuring comprehensive documentation of all research, conceptualization, and fabrication activities within the Platform project. This role is vital in providing a reliable background by working on the Platform methodology and creating a public knowledge bank. you will create a repository of knowledge that can be used for future references, and additionally, produce material beneficial for promotional, educational, and foundational purposes, with a particular emphasis on visual content.

Please recognize that this job description is just one aspect of your role within the platform. Our interdisciplinary approach opens up a lot of additional opportunities for you to contribute beyond what is mentioned in this job description

What does this role entail?

  • Research Documentation: Capture all research findings with precision and transparency.

  • Report Compilation: Assemble conclusive reports for every design phase and related research areas.

  • Visual Documentation: Organise and lead the creation of diverse visual aids, ranging from diagrams, photos, and videos to animations. Determine the most suitable formats based on varying needs.

  • Public Knowledge Bank: Merge all documentation into a centralized public knowledge bank for easy accessibility and streamlined information retrieval.

  • Methodology documentation: Contribute to the formulation and refinement of the overarching Platform Project team philosophy, encapsulating our values and vision.

  • Monthly Updates: Lead and curate a monthly newsletter, spotlighting project developments, significant achievements, and insights.

  • Quality Assurance: Ensure the accuracy, completeness, and quality of documentation materials before sharing them with the public.

Preferred skills 

  • Skill in documenting project progress, milestones, and processes in a clear and organized manner. 

  • Have affinity and experience with the Adobe Suite (at least Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro) and documentation programs (Figma, Word, InDesign)

  • Basic experience and a genuine interest in taking photos and videos, starting to tell stories visually.

  • Can create graphics and make complicated ideas easier to understand, improving communication.

  • Good at expressing ideas in English clearly, even when speculating.

  • Good at coming up with imaginative ideas and taking the lead in creative projects.

  • Good at working in an organized way, making sure tasks are done efficiently.

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