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Job Type

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One spot

About the Role

Create and execute compelling strategies to promote Emergence’s mission, events, and projects to the public. Build awareness, increase the team's visibility, and share its initiatives with a broader audience!

What does this role entail?

  • Strategic Marketing: Develop and implement compelling strategies to effectively promote Emergence's mission, events, and projects to the public.

  • Audience Awareness: Build awareness and increase the team's visibility by reaching out to a wider audience and sharing the team's initiatives.

  • Communication Skills: Possess excellent communication skills to effectively convey Emergence's message and engage with the public through various channels.

  • Creative Thinking: Demonstrate creative thinking to develop innovative approaches for promoting Emergence's mission and projects.

  • Collaboration: Collaborate with the team to align marketing efforts with the overall goals and objectives of Emergence.

  • Brand Ambassador: Act as a brand ambassador for Emergence, representing its values and mission in a professional and engaging manner.

Preferred skills 

  • Background or strong interest in art, technology, or related fields.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Ability to collaborate with individuals from diverse disciplines.

  • A deep understanding of cultural and social nuances and the ability to incorporate diverse perspectives into the conceptualization process, ensuring a broad and inclusive approach.

  • Creative Vision: Demonstrated ability to express and bring to life a creative vision that matches the team's objectives and goes beyond conventional thinking in the realm of Art & Tech.

  • Understanding of relevant fields, including Science communication, Philosophy of Science, New Media Art, Artistic Research, Experience Design, Social Design, Interaction Design, Physics and the natural sciences.

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