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Operations | Partnerships & Public Relations

Job Type

How many spots?

Full-time | One Year

One spot

About the Role

As the Partnerships and Public Relations, you will play a crucial role in enhancing the Emergence brand by expanding its network through strategic partnerships and promote Emergence mission, events, and project to the public. As Partnerships your role involves identifying, developing, and managing partnerships, including sales and collaborative partnerships, to support Emergence's goals and objectives. And on the other side as Public Relations you have to create awareness, increase the team's visibility, and share its initiatives with a broader audience!

What does this role entail?


Identifying Partnerships:

  • Explore potential partnership opportunities.

  • Attend industry events, conferences, and networking sessions to discover new partnership leads.

  • Assess the alignment of potential partnerships with Emergence's goals and objectives.

Developing Partnerships:

  • Develop acquisition strategies

  • Acquire new partnerships by initiating contact and negotiations. 

  • Responsible for the operations team acquisition moments 

  • Responsible for the agreements and for reviewing and approving new partnership contracts and agreements.

Managing Partnerships:

  • Maintain ongoing communication with existing partners.

  • Establish strong and collaborative relationships with partner organizations.

  • Visit partner companies to nurture and strengthen the relationship.

Public Relations

  • Strategic Marketing: Develop and implement compelling strategies to effectively promote Emergence's mission, events, and projects to the public.

  • Audience Awareness: Build awareness and increase the team's visibility by reaching out to a wider audience and sharing the team's initiatives.

  • Communication Skills: Possess excellent communication skills to effectively convey Emergence's message and engage with the public through various channels.

  • Creative Thinking: Demonstrate creative thinking to develop innovative approaches for promoting Emergence's mission and projects.

  • Collaboration: Collaborate with the team to align marketing efforts with the overall goals and objectives of Emergence.

  • Brand Ambassador: Act as a brand ambassador for Emergence, representing its values and mission in a professional and engaging manner.

Preferred skills 

·        Time Management: Ability to handle multiple initiatives, both PR and partnership function and meet deadlines.

·        Approachability: An open attitude makes the PR manager approachable to both internal and external stakeholders. Team members, clients, journalists, and the public should feel comfortable reaching out for information or assistance.

·        Strong written and verbal communication skills. You should be able to craft persuasive messages, press releases, and communication strategies.

·        Relationship Building: Strong interpersonal and communication skills to build relationships with external organizations.

·        Creative Thinking: Being able to come up with creative PR campaigns and strategies to capture public attention and engagement is an asset.

·        Digital skilled: In the modern PR landscape, digital skills are essential. This includes knowledge of social media, online reputation management, and digital analytics.

·        Networking Abilities: Building and maintaining a network of industry contacts, media professionals, and influencers can be beneficial for PR managers.

·        Collaboration: Collaborate with the team to align marketing efforts with the overall goals and objectives of Emergence.

·        Results-Oriented: Driven to achieve measurable outcomes and contribute to Emergence's success.

·        Flexibility and Adaptability: Ability to adapt to changes and new opportunities.

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