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Operations | Operations Manager

Job Type

How many spots?


One spot

About the Role

Identify, develop, and cultivate strategic partnerships that can help Emergence achieve its goals! You will be responsible for building relationships with external organizations and coordinating with them to create mutually beneficial collaborations.

What does this role entail?

  • Strategic Leadership: Provide strategic direction to the operations department, aligning team efforts with overall organizational goals.

  • Project Management: Oversee and manage key projects, ensuring timely delivery and high-quality outcomes. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to optimize project efficiency.

  • Team Development: Foster a culture of continuous learning and development within the operations team. Provide guidance and support for personal and professional growth.

  • Communication: Facilitate clear and effective communication within the department and across organizational levels and collaborate with team members to ensure financial transparency and efficiency.

  • Managing the financial aspects of Emergence, including budgeting and financial planning. 

  • Collaborate with the operations team to lead the acquisitions strategy and foster partnerships to drive growth.

Preferred skills 

  • Experience in project management or leadership positions, demonstrating the ability to drive projects to successful completion.

  • Effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with diverse teams.

  • Strong strategic thinking with the ability to focus on long-term goals while effectively managing day-to-day operations.

  • Proficiency in project management tools and techniques.

  • Strong financial understanding and the ability to create budgets. 

  • Proven track record in managing financial operations.

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