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New Media Project | Visual Designer

Job Type

How many spots?

Full- or part-time | Half a year

One spot

About the Role

You will be responsible for digital fabrication, crafting narratives, designing the products, orchestrating interactions, and creating scenery. You will utilize a range of tools including Blender, SolidWorks/Fusion, the Adobe Creative Suite, and other modelling software. Your role will serve as a bridge between the fabrication, designers, concept sub-department, and documentation team, integrating all their outputs into visual materials.

What does this role entail?

  • Translate abstract ideas and interactions from the New Media Concept into visual experiences. 

  • Collaboration: Work closely with team members to ensure concepts align with the team's vision and goals.

  • Research and Reflection: Contribute to research, brainstorming, and reflection related to the blackboxing of technology theme.

  • Visualisation abilities: Demonstrate visual communication skills to effectively present and convey conceptual ideas through visual representations.

  • Adaptability and Communication: Adapt to changing requirements and collaborate effectively with team members.

  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge: Broad knowledge across multiple disciplines, integrating insights from various fields to contribute to an interdisciplinary conceptualization process.

Preferred skills 

  • Familiar and comfortable with software as Blender, SolidWorks/Fusion, the Adobe Creative Suite, and other modelling software.

  • Can create graphics and make complicated ideas easier to understand, improving communication.

  • Creative Vision: Demonstrated ability to express and bring to life a creative vision that matches the team's objectives and goes beyond conventional thinking in the realm of Art & Tech.

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