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New Media Project | Documentation

Job Type

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One spot

About the Role

As head of documentation of the New Media project you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that everything from the research team: its researchs, conceptualization and fabrication is documented. In addition to this, providing material that can be used for promotional, and educational purposes. Help to answer and document the process of finding an answer: How do we make Quantum technologies more approachable? How do we make the nano scale human scale? Next to this you work closely with management, PR, Graphic Design and Platform documentation.

Please recognize that this job description is just one aspect of your role within the New Media Project (NMP). As a NMP member, you have a lot of additional responsibilities and opportunities to contribute beyond what is mentioned in this job description

What does this role entail?

  • Main responsibility, is construction and organizing, making all content that is needed for the deliverables of the competition deliverables of NMP  

  • Short-term: Make sure everyone in the department keeps track of what they are doing, what the result is and reflects on this every week..

  • Long-term: make an end report of every design phase & research subject interesting enough to report (or make sure someone else makes this). Make sure valuable information is stored.

  • Make sure enough visual material is produced: explanatory drawings, photographs & film, documentary, graphic lay-outs for documents, animations or other (creative) formats. Make decisions in choosing formats.

  • Be a bridge between conceptualization & fabricating and support them where-ever needed as a “flying keep”.

  • Take initiative: You have the freedom to take on new challenges and outputs within the framework of the New Media Project.

Preferred skills 

  • Skill in documenting project progress, milestones, and processes in a clear and organized manner. 

  • Have affinity and experience with the Adobe Suite (at least Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro) and documentation programs (Figma, Word, InDesign)

  • Basic experience and a genuine interest in taking photos and videos, starting to tell stories visually.

  • Can create graphics and make complicated ideas easier to understand, improving communication.

  • Good at expressing ideas in English clearly, even when speculating.

  • Good at coming up with imaginative ideas and taking the lead in creative projects.

  • Good at working in an organized way, making sure tasks are done efficiently.

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