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New Media Project | Conceptualization

Job Type

How many spots?

Full- or part-time

Two spots

About the Role

Your primary role is to generate innovative ideas and conceptualize the New Media Project for the team. Collaborate closely with team members to ensure alignment with our overall vision, focusing on Emergence's theme of the blackboxing of technology. Conduct research, brainstorm ideas, and lead the creation of sketches and mockups, integrating visual and sound elements into a cohesive composition for the final artwork.

Please recognize that this job description is just one aspect of your role within the main project. As a main project member, our interdisciplinary approach opens up a lot additional opportunities for you to contribute beyond what is mentioned in this job description

What does this role entail?

  • Creativity and Innovation: Ability to generate innovative ideas and think creatively for the team's main project.

  • Collaboration: Work closely with team members to ensure concepts align with the team's vision and goals.

  • Research and Reflection: Contribute to research, brainstorming, and reflection related to the blackboxing of technology theme.

  • Visualisation abilities: Demonstrate visual communication skills to effectively present and convey conceptual ideas through visual representations.

  • Adaptability and Communication: Adapt to changing requirements and collaborate effectively with team members.

  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge: Broad knowledge across multiple disciplines, integrating insights from various fields to contribute to an interdisciplinary conceptualization process.

Preferred skills 

  • Artistic Expertise: Demonstrated in artistic disciplines relevant to the project, showcasing a portfolio of work that reflects a high level of artistic skill and innovation.

  • Cultural Awareness: A deep understanding of cultural and social nuances and the ability to incorporate diverse perspectives into the conceptualization process, ensuring a broad and inclusive approach.

  • Creative Vision: Demonstrated ability to express and bring to life a creative vision that matches the team's objectives and goes beyond conventional thinking in the realm of Art & Tech.

  • Thorough Knowledge Understanding of relevant fields, including Philosophy of Science, Environmental Philosophy, New Media Art, Artistic Research, Experience Design, Social Design, and Interaction Design.

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