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New Media Project | Chief Fabrication

Job Type

How many spots?


One spot

About the Role

A Chief of the fabrication department ensures the quality of the engineering present in the project. Leading the fabrication department whilst ensuring a safe and structured way of working. Help to answer: How do we make Quantum technologies more approachable? How do we make the nano scale human scale?

What does this role entail?

  • Management skills : Demonstrated ability to provide strong leadership and guidance to the Fabrication department.

  • Fabrication Skills: Workspace Experience. Proficiency in executing fabrication tasks based on provided specifications.

  • Technical Knowledge: Familiarity with tools, equipment, and software relevant to the specific field of fabrication.

  • Collaboration and Communication: Ability to collaborate effectively with team members to integrate fabricated components into the final new artistic medium.

  • Safety responsibility: Ensure a safe work environment for all team members

  • Keeping an overview of all the engineering within the project

Preferred skills 

  • Proven Project Experience: Demonstrated success in handling different engineering projects. Experience working in teams through various project phases.

  • Understanding of Fabrication Methods: An understanding of a broad range of methods, coupled with the ability to strategically apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios.

  • Basic Physics and quantum Knowledge: A grasp of basic physics and quantum principles relevant to fabrication processes.

  • Leadership and Decision-Making: Ability to lead a team and make smart decisions and t hinks strategically to align work with overall goals.

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