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Classify emotions using EEG

[Small text about background of this research and reson to publish] 

Emergence Delft did research on puting neuroscience in an artistic context. One research question that the Platform project  investigated was "Can emotions be classified using EEG". In this report you can read about the research, download files and see interesting pictures. 


[Dit is de intro tekst voor het project]

Unlocking the mysteries of human emotions has long been a fascinating pursuit. In the realm of neuroscience, a groundbreaking research endeavor has emerged, delving into the profound realm of emotions through the lens of Electroencephalography (EEG). This innovative study seeks to explore the intricate patterns of brain activity associated with various emotions, aiming to classify and decode them using EEG data. By leveraging advanced techniques in neuroimaging, this research promises to offer valuable insights into the neural signatures of emotions, paving the way for a deeper understanding of the human mind and its intricate emotional landscape. Join us on a journey through the labyrinth of emotions, guided by the fascinating realm of EEG-based emotion classification.

Data files

Report EEG use in art installations
Classification results iof interview questions with recovered Locked/in patient


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