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New Media Project

The annual Main Project has a mission-driven focus. It consists of both a research and development phase. The research phase, lasting from February to July, aims to create a new artistic medium that builds upon current TUDelft research. In the following development phase, this medium creates an artwork that facilitates an understanding of complex technology that has been "blackboxed." Ultimately, we seek to compete in the annual Prix Ars Electronica, the world's most well-known media arts competition.

The team members working on the main project have the option to hold a part-time of full-time function within the Development team or the Research team, which both have the duration of half a year. Both the Development and Research teams consist of different sub-departments. These departments consist of a combination of part-time and full-time team members.

Team structure

Main project structure.png

Platform Project

The Platform projects are the heart of Emergence, as they fully revolve around doing curiosity-driven research. The projects explore the intersection between artistic and tech disciplines and create a space for tinkering and exploration. These explorations will be further developed to produce innovative results that give answer to open calls or commissioned projects. Emergence will support the Platform projects with all necessary facilities to realize the teams ambitions. Over the span of a single semester, the Platform project teams will all accomplish a full research and development cyclus.


Multiple Platform projects operate simultaneously alongside each other. These Platform project teams will consist of six part-time members from a wide variety of academic backgrounds and the projects will have the duration of half a year.

Team structure

Platform project structure.png
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